3D Groove Wiki

The Wayback Machine is a website where you can visit other websites from the past that have been archived. 3D Groove had it's own website that has been archived by the Wayback Machine where for some of the games that are still unknown or lost have the only surviving screenshots.

The games' links now[]

All of the games no longer function if you follow the links on the 3D Groove Website on the Wayback Machine. Here's how you can access the non-functioning files of the games (we'll use SpongeBob SquarePants Saves The Krusty Krab 3D as an example).

  1. Go to the Wayback Machine
  2. Go anywhere from 2002-2009
  3. Once there click on the Advergames banner or Originals banner (if you want to do one of those)
  4. Click next on Advergames (or if you want to do one of the ones on the first page, click on one of those)
  5. Click on SpongeBob in Advergames (or if you want to click on the other ones do those)
  6. Click on the picture of SpongeBob that appears with the Nick.com logo
  7. Then wallah, the non-functioning pages should appear.