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Kim Possible Middleton Mayhem was a mid-2000s Disney webgame that ran on the 3D Groove GX Engine. It is currently lost. The game's developer, Jake Carvey, no longer has the game and is unable to give it out.

Possible Gameplay[]

Since the game is lost not too much is known about it. From the remaining screenshots and short clip, it is clear it is a driving game, but it is unknown what the objective was.

i remember playing this game as a small girl the objective would basically be to complete missions. You could also drive around the city. i tried finding this game to no avail i loved it. i'm 18 wish it would have stuck longer.


  • This game, along with Toonami: Trapped in Hyperspace, is one of the most highly sought after of all the 3D Groove games on the Lost Media Wiki. Many of the sites that had the game only have a loader (loading screen.) Too Much Damage You Ran Out Of Time