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Dora's 3-D Pyramid Adventure is a 2003 Dora the Explorer game that runs on 3D Groove SX. It is based on the episode "The Lost City". There was a free online version on nickjr.com and a paid offline version from Nick Arcade, though both versions were identical.


Dora must climb to the top of the number pyramid to find the key to the Lost City. In the first stage, Dora jumps on platforms; in the second stage, she swings on vines; and in the third stage, she climbs a tower of colored blocks. There are three difficulty levels. In an undocumented feature, pressing B will reset Dora.



Dora's 3D Glitch Adventure (Dora's 3D Pyramid Adventure)

Several glitches being performed in the free version.

  • If Dora lands between the elevator and the first platform in Easy mode, the fourth and fifth platforms in Medium mode, or the ninth and tenth platforms in Hard mode, Dora may teleport to the outside of the pyramid and get stuck. The only way to escape is to press B.[1][2][3]