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Blues Clues Joe's 3D Scavenger Hunt is a 2002 game that ran on the 3D Groove engine made for Nick Jr. There was a free online version on nickjr.com and a paid offline version from Nick Arcade, though both versions were identical.

Official description[]

"Stroll along with Joe, Blue, and Mailbox, searching the neighborhood for lots of colorful items. Kids ages 3-6 can use their problem-solving and memory skills to help Joe follow the clues and find eggs, paints, a toy box, strawberries, and more. Find fun and learning in the Blue's Clues 3-D world!"[1]

Gameplay Features[]

In the game you take control of Joe and go to the four locations to look for items instructed by Mailbox. The four locations are the Blues Clues house, the park, the school, and the grocery store and the correct location blue appears. There is a set number of items depending on the difficulty.



Blue's Clues Joe's 3D Scavenger Hunt Out Of Bounds

The glitch mentioned in the Trivia section

  • While Mailbox tells Joe what to find next, Joe can be moved by clicking on the arrows. After the cutscene, the camera will be fixed in that position. If this is done during the opening cutscene, the camera will orbit around Joe for the rest of the game.
  • Normally you can't walk in the grass unless you pull off a glitch with the basketball hoop at the park and if you do a trick there you can walk in the grass and you can make it all the way past the background.